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10.09. - 17.09.2014

Espai M, La Escocesa / Barcelona

Passion (from the Latin verb  pateremeaning to suffer) is a term applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion, compelling enthusiasm or desire for anything.
Searching the perfect beauty, that is the driving force. It is this that gives us the strength to go forward and seek ideals.  It is our desire for absoluteness of dignity and divinity. It is action, lighting and thought. It drives us to violate the rules to make sacrifices and endure the pain. It is the pathos with which we build the Tower of Babel.

Blessed Heart I
  Blessed Heart II
Tower of Babel I
  Tower of Babel II
  Tower of Babel III


  Biennial Friends of the Sea

15.08. – 19.09.2014

Petko Zadgorski Art Gallery / Burgas
24 Mitropolit Simeon Str.

The picture is dedicated to former workers of Neftochim.

120 / 90


  Untold Abstraction

12.05. - 31.05.2014

UBA Gallery / Sofia
6 Shipka Str.

Curators: Stanislav Pamukchiev Peter Tzanev

Untitled I
  Untitled II
  Perforation of the Landscape


11.02. - 3.03.2014

Credo Bonum Gallery / Sofia
2 Slavyanska Str.

Ivo Bistrichki / Simeon Stoilov

What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger
Friedrich Nietzsche

The new exhibition of works by Ivo Bistrichki and Simeon Stoilov can be summarised in a handful of really close epithets: repulsive, scandalous, brutal – in whatever combination they might form. Driven by a Renaissance-type curiosity, the two artists have been studying the human anatomy, various operating theatres and postoperative care units, as well as anatomical defects and malign formations in their diverse forms and in the light of differing interpretations. Exploring missing physical scars and hidden psychological incisions, Mr Bistrichki and Mr Stoilov have delved into how tumor formations attack us and how we react to them.
Ivo Bistrichki has recently undergone an awake heart surgery, during which he was able to see, hear and sense what was happening to his body. On a monitor he could follow the functioning of his heart. And it was the mix of sensations, images, pain and anatomical knowledge that prompted him to begin the works he is now presenting. They are the result of his exploration of human physiology and are complex structures born from the body’s anatomical and physical realities. He has given us an account, as it were, of how his organism runs.
After his Lethal Beauty paintings, which showed giant tumors, Simeon Stoilov continued his exploration of cancer diseases, the problems they pose and how they affect us. In his new works he substituted the absence of a patient with impartial images and objects that he found around himself. He directed his gaze both inwards and outwards, coming up with a documentary incision of the relations between doctors, hospitals, patients and powerless onlookers.
Built upon the two artists’ experiences and ways of thinking, the exhibition supplies visual evidence of the personal and human fear of death, the fear caused by the diversity of anatomical anomalies and by our own (in)capability of  addressing it.

  Profile I
  Profile II
  Torso I
Torso II
  Torso III
  Torso IV

  Unguarded Zone

21.11. – 12.12.2013

Exhibition Halls R. Mihailov / Veliko Tarnovo
1 Rafael Mihailov Str.

Identity I
  Identity II


  National Exhibition - Collage

27.09. – 25.10.2013

Society of Plovdiv Artists / Plovdiv
32 Gladstone Str.

Zeus I
  Zeus II




Scaffold I
118 /64
  Scaffold II
  Scaffold III
  Scaffold IV
Scaffold V
  Scaffold VI


  Sea the Best Place for...
    10. 06. – 30. 06. 2013

Stick Space / Arosita Gallery / Sofia

A duplex image (a digital print) in a public space. Opposing images with different colours and space in the picture. Puncture therein and inversion of the plane thereby as thus, light openings are detected. Inverting a portion of the picture on the other side, and mixing the two faces.
The images illustrate the analytical psychology of Carl Jung for conscious and unconscious. Opposing the subject to the infinity.



  ( e ) migration


Bulart Gallery / Varna
22 Shipka Str.

Colonization / New Crusades
Pursuit of proving ourselves or confirming the hypothesis makes us to seek new lands and spaces? Departing out of the well-known, desire for unknown, passion and curiosity lead us forward. We have sailed the oceans, we have put our faith, we fly higher and reached the Moon. Time to conquer Mars....

  Moon Man


  Koshmart 2013 / Reform your energy

05.04. - 27.04.2013

Grafit Gallery / Varna
65 Knyaz Boris Blvd.

It is a modern development of the theme of ‘Transient’ and ‘Death’. Laying and detracting from the silhouette of a skull on a Baroque plot (naturalistic compositions of micro flora and fauna), transform the image and its esthetic categories. Intervention and laying of patterns of lines enhance the sense of decay of the classical image.
Based on the idea that all the "big" issues have long been invented and made, ​​the creative process is developed exploiting the already existing ones.
Otto Marseus van Schrieck’s works have been used.

Skull I
  Vanity  I


  Unity and Solidarity

01.12. - 09.12.2012

Festival for Art in Public Space / Park West                                                                                                                     
For the People and Place / Sofia

Installation of 28 banners, 100/150 cm, on the Slivnitsa Bridge over the Sugar Factory
Traumatic or nostalgic, the political symbolism of the recent past is still an active public nuisance. Today, however, its character can be converted and updated again as it should take a part in the revolutionary pathos, this time in the name of new causes.
In addition, as an integral unit of the shared historical memory, the sickle and the hammer, the symbol of unity between the industrialized urban life and the peasantry, appears as a provocateur which makes us think about our relationship with the environment, to understand it’s the most serious problems and choose our own tools to solve them.

Flag I
  Flag II
  Vision I
  Vision II





02.08. - 05.09.2012

Prolet Gallery / Burgas
32 Lermontov Str.

Image-symbol-word, about this scheme is based the idea for the Allegory Exhibition. The topic is not new but rather those ones which always rotate and look for their new meaning and expression. When concepts are so strong, they attract the author to make his new interpretation and his new line. So in the end maybe the results overlap and the images stand so real and familiar. The order of this scheme can be changed, even if some part off but the relationship between them remains as strong as a magical theorem. So the word becomes an image and the image – a symbol. Unraveling the signs of the nature that change our fate, images and figures clearly outline before us. In the beginning, so inconspicuous and subsequently increasingly repetitive and known. And since the nature uses its own language, it sends its "ambassadors" in the image of animals, birds and phenomena. Although our world has long departed us from these links, even if they now have their manifestation, because somewhere we believe deep down that this world is not only physical and that there are some forces that help and guide us. These images are the carriers of features and clear messages, they foretell our lives, draw our successes and failures, and become our hope. They sometimes become a part of our lives and we begin to embody them, so gradually they become our myths, our signs and emblems. We put them on our banners and follow their power.
Images and words in this exhibition are not many, and there isn’t any logic or relationship between them. These are subjective and are due to the author’s original pure selection.
Raven - wisdom / madness 
Horse - freedom / nobility
Leo - strength / courage
Swan - Beauty
Butterfly - Rebirth
Bull - virility / fertility
Shell - Birth / beginning

Shell / Birth
  Butterfly / Rebirth
  Raven / Wisdom
  Raven / Madness
Bull / Virility
  Horse / Freedom
  Swan / Beauty



Opposite Together


Curator Zora Romanska
03.05. - 26.05.2012
UniCredit STUDIO / Sofia / 12 Knyaz Alexander Batenberg Str.                                                                             
Industrialna Gallery 11 / 11Industrialna Str. Sofia

Biological – Mechanical
Association and carrying over of content and meaning from to another. Images of engines (complex mechanisms) as metaphors for internal organs, on which the life of an organism depends. Presented as illustrations from an anatomy manual. The illusion of biological matter is enhanced by the use of images with perfect vision, changes of colorization and additional types of intervention.

Organ I
  Organ II
  Motor I
  Motor II
Motor III
  Motor IV




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  all images copyright © Ivo Bistrichki, 2013